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Helping foreign professionals communicate with
confidence, clarity and accuracy.

Accent Reduction and
 American Pronunciation Training

Why Are Our Accent Reduction
Courses Unique?

Itís never too late to improve the way that you speak! 

Our  accent reduction and American pronunciation courses will teach you to create the sounds of Standard American English and give you greater confidence in your communication skills with native speakers of English.

A strong foreign accent can prevent you from achieving your professional or personal goals and reaching your full potential.  People shouldnít have to ask you to repeat what you said. In todayís competitive corporate environment, clear pronunciation  and correct grammar are a must. 

If you are seriously interested in improving the sound and style of your speech,  our foreign accent reduction and American English pronunciation classes can help you.

In addition, we focus on the elimination of other types of language problems such as grammatical and sentence structure errors which may affect the way you sound.

Do I have to change my accent?

There is nothing wrong with having a foreign accent. In fact, many Americans may find your accent charming.  In certain situations you can use that to your advantage!  Still, itís never charming when someone has trouble understanding you, and itís no fun if an excessive accent is preventing you from achieving a professional or personal goals.

You probably grew up overseas and you may have learned English in school.  Your teachers may have been excellent, but if the teachers were not native speakers, they probably unintentionally taught you to speak English with a foreign accent.  Pronunciation is the weak link in the teaching of English around the world.  Most English teachers in other countries are not trained to teach the American English accent, even as more and more of their students are interested in learning American speech.

English is the primary language in the global workforce.  Millions of people are speaking English. Yet, many of them are hard to understand.    Even CNN often uses subtitles to clarify the English pronunciation of a person who imagines that he or she is being understood.

To be an expert in a language means more than just mastering grammar and vocabulary.  Mastery means speaking well, pronouncing words clearly, and not having a distracting speech melody.  Above all, it means feeling confident that when you speak with a native speaker, you will be understood every time.  






We never pressure you to pay for a lot of classes in advance, like many other programs do. We believe that you need to be completely satisfied with the quality of each lesson, so the pressure should be on the instructor to make sure she is doing an excellent job helping you to solve your individual speech errors and meeting your communication goals.  With us, you can pay for each session at the time of the appointment.   Be careful of other programs that make you pay several thousand dollars in advance, before you even find out if you like the method or the teacher!


The classes are individually designed for your specific pronunciation and accent reduction goals.


We focus on correcting your biggest speaking errors first. After the first lesson, you will already feel more confident about your speech.


Every session is very intensive and information-filled.


Our goal is to save you money by helping you become your own accent reduction coach. You will be taught to "hear" your own pronunciation errors and you will be shown how to continue to self-correct after you stop studying with us.


Our trainers are professionals with many years of experience in the field.


We emphasize correct usage of grammar and vocabulary as well as accent reduction.


We also specialize in helping our clients with workplace presentations, business English and acting scenes.


We are conveniently located on the Westside of Los Angeles, near the 405 Freeway. 


We offer classes six days a week, from 11 am to 9.
        Lisa Mojsin teaching a Chinese group
Los Angeles Times photo by Richard Hartog



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