Does “Siri” on your IPhone 4S understand your accent?

/Does “Siri” on your IPhone 4S understand your accent?

Does “Siri” on your IPhone 4S understand your accent?

Some of my accent reduction clients have complained that the new voice recognition technology doesn’t understand their heavy accent. I would like to hear your experiences with Siri and other similar applications.

Here is an excerpt from an article on Huffingtonpost:

“It can be frustrating because Siri forces me to pronounce my questions over and over again and sometimes the app won’t understand me at all,” said Latina Sandra Ortiz, new owner of the iPhone 4S, after recording the video, “but it always understands my husband!”

Here is a comment from Apple:

“The more you use Siri, the better it will understand you. It does this by learning about your accent and other characteristics of your voice. Siri uses voice recognition algorithms to categorize your voice into one of the dialects or accents it understands. As more people use Siri and it’s exposed to more variations of a language, its overall recognition of dialects and accents will continue to improve, and Siri will work even better.”read whole article

What are your experiences?

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  1. Joe Comeau December 15, 2011 at 6:41 am

    A client of mine from India recently demonstrated the same frustration he is having with his new PlayStation 3. He mentioned that he was practicing his pronunciation by giving his PlayStation voice commands, although he was having a very low success rate. His wife, however, also from India but with stronger American English pronunciation skills, was able to accurately command the game module without difficulty. We made a weekly homework challenge out of it and I'll be checking his PlayStation success next week. Technology fans trying to use your best American pronunciation – you are not alone!!!

  2. Ishay Pesok December 15, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Hello Lisa,

    I enjoy and learn very much from your clips and blog. I think your lessons are very uniques and in a out the box way.

    I have a question that I couldn't yet find the response from other sources:

    How I can know when words such as "fine", "cyber","wild" and so forth the "i" or the "y" are pronounced as "ai" and other words such as "wind",
    "wing" and so forth the "i" is pronounced as "i"

    Thank you

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