Accent Reduction Practice with Singing

Paolo asks:Is singing songs a good way to improve my pronunciaton or not? I'm just asking because sometimes rappers or singers tend to pronounce words with a different "cadence" just to make them rhyme with one another, what do you think?Yes, singing is a great for improving your accent. Just be careful not to pick [...]

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Celebrities Talking About their Accents

Here are some interesting quotes from some famous people discussing how their accents have affected their lives:I learned to change my accent; in England, your accent identifies you very strongly with a class, and I did not want to be held back. StingI guess when I first started speaking with an American accent, there's a [...]

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DVDs and YouTube videos

Nouman from India wrote:I dont find your Course DVD's in India. Is there a way I can order them?Thank you and wish to see more of your videos in Youtube- NoumanHi Nouman,I will be making more YouTube videos soon. You can buy the DVDs "Mastering the American Accent" - (over 4 hours of instructional video) [...]

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“warm” and “worm”

I often get asked how to pronounce these two words. Are they the same or different?They are different. Here is how to pronounce them:For "worm" say "were" and then add a "m" sound at the end.for "warm" say "wore" (past tense of wear) and then add an "m" at the end. So "warm" actually has [...]

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Practicing the American Accent with TV scripts

You can find a lot of different film and TV scripts on line. An excellent way to practice your American Accent is to have the script while you are watching the show/movie. That way, you can underline difficult words and sounds and make various marks for melody and intonation.Pay close attention to how the actors [...]

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The American Accent Videos Are Here!

The videos are available for purchase finally. Go to AccurateEnglish.com and click on the DVD's link.The video course is called: "The American Accent Course - 50 Rules You Must Know"There are 4 different videos: 1. Vowels2. Consonants3. Rhythm Stress and Intonation4. Advanced SectionIn total, there is more than 4 hours of instruction - all the [...]

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The American Accent Course DVD’s

Thank you all for your patience regarding the release of the American Accent Training videos. There have been a few delays related to the production/uploading on the website etc.The technical side of things often takes longer than expected.They should be available for purchase in a week or two!!Check back on the website: accurateenglish.com Send us [...]

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grammar book I recommend

Paulo from Italy wrote and asked which grammar book I recommend. My favorite advanced book is "Understanding and Using English Grammar." by Azar. When I taught at Santa Monica College I often had students buy that book. I love it. I have never found a better grammar book in all my years of teaching.Go through [...]

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Pronunciation of “mirror”

Paolo asked:hi, i'm italian and i have trouble pronouncing "mirror", any suggestion?paoloMy answer:There are some words that are hard to pronounce even by native speakers. "Mirror," "horror" and "murderer" are examples. In my opinion, "mirror" rhymes with the word "nearer," but you will hear variations of that in different parts of the US and also [...]

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