American Accent Course for Japanese Speakers

/American Accent Course for Japanese Speakers

American Accent Course for Japanese Speakers

The new DVD course is available. It helps Japanese speakers of English speak more clearly and learn to fix all of the most common pronunciation mistakes. Learn to correctly pronounce the difficult American consonant sounds. Fix the most common mistakes. Purchase the videos here:

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  1. Anonymous April 15, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    Yeah,it is really good product.I am working on it now.There are many Japanese native born live in Southern California.They want to improve their English for smooth communication.

    You can learn vocabulary,Grammar and listening by yourself.But there are two area which is better to have instruction from true professional,you know what?It is accent reduction and academic writing.

    It takes a while to go through Lisa's DVDs but by the time,I finish her DVDs,I am positive about hearing good feedback from my friends.

    I wish some her DVDs has no region then available from for Japanese English learners in Japan.

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