Words with same pronunciation – “Homophones”

/Words with same pronunciation – “Homophones”

Words with same pronunciation – “Homophones”

Many of my students are surprised to find out that the following three words are all pronounced the same:

they’re, there, their  

Here are some more homophones which might surprise you.  If you have been pronouncing these words differently, it’s an understandable error.  English spelling is crazy!

Same pronunciation:

berry – bury 
atom – Adam
do – due (in British English they’re different)
billed – build
so – sew 
son – sun
metal – medal
wore – war
won – one (this one always surprises people)

Which ones surprised you?

(You can find a list of other homophones in my book, “Mastering the American Accent”)

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  1. Masoud Heidari March 21, 2013 at 9:34 am

    Hello Mrs Mojsin i love the way you teachs, your fantastic in teaching. We (me and all my friends ) love you cause we learnt alot by your american accent training , We believe Lisa Mojsin is the best teacher in world in american accent

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