English Vowels – Pronunciation Test

/English Vowels – Pronunciation Test

English Vowels – Pronunciation Test


Check your knowledge of American English vowel sounds by taking this test

Which word is pronounced with a different vowel sound? (doesn’t rhyme with the other words?) 

This test is not as easy as it seems.  If you get 12 or more right, your pronunciation of American vowels is very good.  If not, you can improve by listening carefully to native speakers. Also, you can review Video 1 from my video series “50 Rules You Must Know.” 
(answers are at the bottom)
                   A              B                      C                    D
1.       food              foot                       mood                     moon                      same
2.       cookie           look                       put                        wool                       same
3.       would           should                   boot                       pull                         same
4.       most              post                       toast                      cost                        same
5.       said               head                      dead                      bed                         same
6.       no                 sew                        flow                      Joe                          same
7.       bean              been                     seen                      scene                      same
8.       does              what                     come                     up                           same
9.       none             done                     nun                       fun                         same
10.   sail                sale                        ate                       eight                      same
11.   call                coal                       role                       roll                        same
12.   was               what                      won                      watt                      same
13.   hurt               work                     burn                    world                     same
14.   were             where                   bear                      pair                        same
15.   bone             done                     none                     one                        same
answer key:
1. B,  2. same,  3.C,  4.D,   5. same,   6.same,  7. B,   8. same,  9.same,  10. same,  11. A,  12, D,   13. same,  14. A, 15. A
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