Speak English with a more powerful voice

/Speak English with a more powerful voice

Speak English with a more powerful voice

A lot of my students struggle with various voice issues. All of these issues can prevent you from speaking English clearly and may make your foreign accent even stronger. For example:

  • speaking too fast
  • speaking with a weak voice
  • breathing incorrectly
  • mumbling (not opening mouth enough)
  • loss of energy at the end of the sentence
  • hesitation and lack of confidence in their voice

These issue can affect how easy or difficult it is for others to understand what you are saying.
Here are two videos by voice coach Jay Miller.  I believe that his techniques and exercises will help you to speak with more confidence, especially at the workplace.
Keep practicing!!!   By changing your voice, you can change your life!  Successful people speak with energy, enthusiasm and a powerful voice.



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  1. rahyal September 8, 2014 at 7:30 am

    English pronunciation is unpredictable. If you don’t put effort into English pronunciation, you will make mistakes, and mistakes can turn into bad habits.

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