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Your Accent on a Job Interview

October 15th, 2008|

When you are competing with other job applicants, all other things being equal, the person with good communication skills will get the job.Many of my students are taking accent reduction courses because they want to be better prepared for job interviews. They are worried that they might not get hired if their accent is too strong. This is particularly true for sales positions or any kind of job that requires giving presentations or interacting with the public. In today’s economy and competitive job seeking environment, [...]

Do Singers Have Accents?

October 10th, 2008|

I have several students who are singers. When they sing in front of an audience, generally no one knows that they are not American. Then, when they talk between the songs, people are shocked to hear their accent. This is common. Here is a very interesting podcast discussion on this subject by several linguists. I think you will enjoy it. love working with singers because they almost intuitively know how to produce the new sounds that I introduce to them. They understand how a slight [...]

Which American Accent Should I Learn?

October 6th, 2008|

Your goal should be to learn the Standard American Accent. Some people call it "broadcaster English." It's the kind of standard, neutral speech you hear on CNN for example. It's a non-regional American accent, meaning that people don't associate this accent with any particular part of the United States. This is the accent that I teach.Some people have opinions about accents that are non-Standard Americans. People from Brooklyn or Texas or Georgia all have a certain way of speaking. Some dialects can be charming and [...]

American versus British Accent

October 5th, 2008|

A lot of my students ask me: "I studied the British accent in my country. How is the American accent different?"Some of the major differences between the American and British accents are the pronunciation of several vowel sounds, and the pronunciation of the letters “r” and “t.” The pronunciation of the vowels /ɔ/ as in “all” “awful,” and /æ/ as in “last” and “class” are the most noticeable vowel differences.Also, Americans pronounce all of the “r”s, whereas in British English the final “r” and an [...]

accent reduction training

October 5th, 2008|

I teach accent reduction in the Los Angeles area. I have a company called Accurate English. On this blog I will be giving tips on how to reduce your accent. I will be giving my advice to people who want to improve their accents and will be answering your questions about speaking American English.I have taught accent reduction to students from all over the world. Most of my students are successful professionals who live in the LA area. They are MBA's working in the corporate [...]