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Accent Reduction Practice with Audio Books – part 2

December 7th, 2009|

A reader of my blog asked the following question:Hi Lisa, My name is George, I just read your blog, could you please recommend me which audio book is better for learning English? Could you please give me some names of these audio books? I appreciate it.George:Regarding your question about which audio books I recommend for learning English and reducing your accent: I don't have any recent names of books that I recommend. There are so many good ones available. It's best to find a topic [...]

Babies Cry In Their Mother Tongue

November 8th, 2009|

An article in today's LA Times states that babies are found to cry in their native tongue. They hear the melody and intonation while they are still in the womb and imitate it once they are born. Read the article:,0,3709302.story

The Benefits of Speaking Two Languages from a Young Age

November 8th, 2009|

Do you have young children who are learning both English and your native language? Here's a very interesting article which discusses the benefits of speaking two languages.For adults, it also states: "New research even indicates that the onset of Alzheimer's disease in bilinguals is, on average, delayed by four years compared to monolinguals."Read it:

How to improve your accent with audio books

October 26th, 2009|

Here is a great way to work on improving your American accent:Buy a book on audio. I suggest a non-fiction topic because the speech is generally better suited for this type of practice. Listen to a sentence or a phrase, then pause it and repeat what the speaker said. At the same time, record this so that you can listen back and compare how you sound versus the speaker on the audio. Keep in mind that this is not a memory test. If you don't [...]

S or Z?

October 5th, 2009|

Alex asks:Hello Lisa,You say in your book that the final "s" in the words "is" and "has" is pronounced as /z/. Then what if when "it is" and "it has" are contracted to "it's", does the "s" remain /z/ sound? Many thanks,AlexHi Alex,When "it is" is contracted to "it's" the S sounds like /s/, not /z/. This is because it comes after the "t", which is a voiceless consonant. (Rule #1 on page 59 of my book, "Mastering the American Accent.") Good observation Alex. Make [...]

Accent Reduction Practice with Singing

October 5th, 2009|

Paolo asks:Is singing songs a good way to improve my pronunciaton or not? I'm just asking because sometimes rappers or singers tend to pronounce words with a different "cadence" just to make them rhyme with one another, what do you think?Yes, singing is a great for improving your accent. Just be careful not to pick up the bad grammar and the over-use of slang is many songs, especially rap. I remember the Rolling Stones song "Satisfaction." They sing, "I can't get no satisfaction." That's a [...]

how to pronounce “WORLD” and other similar words

September 6th, 2009|

Take a look at my new video that will teach you how to correctly pronounce the word "world." Almost all of my students have a hard time with this word. It consists of combinations of sounds that don't exist in other languages.

Celebrities Talking About their Accents

August 30th, 2009|

Here are some interesting quotes from some famous people discussing how their accents have affected their lives:I learned to change my accent; in England, your accent identifies you very strongly with a class, and I did not want to be held back. StingI guess when I first started speaking with an American accent, there's a tendency to create a caricature of the accent because you just exaggerate the pieces that stand out to you. Radha MitchellI am trying to make my accent so it won't [...]

DVDs and YouTube videos

August 17th, 2009|

Nouman from India wrote:I dont find your Course DVD's in India. Is there a way I can order them?Thank you and wish to see more of your videos in Youtube- NoumanHi Nouman,I will be making more YouTube videos soon. You can buy the DVDs "Mastering the American Accent" - (over 4 hours of instructional video) by going to the website: You can pay by credit card and they will be sent to you on the following day. However, if you don't have a credit [...]

“warm” and “worm”

July 17th, 2009|

I often get asked how to pronounce these two words. Are they the same or different?They are different. Here is how to pronounce them:For "worm" say "were" and then add a "m" sound at the end.for "warm" say "wore" (past tense of wear) and then add an "m" at the end. So "warm" actually has an "o" sound in it, but "worm" has an "er" sound like the words "her" or " "bird."

Practicing the American Accent with TV scripts

July 9th, 2009|

You can find a lot of different film and TV scripts on line. An excellent way to practice your American Accent is to have the script while you are watching the show/movie. That way, you can underline difficult words and sounds and make various marks for melody and intonation.Pay close attention to how the actors are speaking. Then try to read the lines the same way.Warning! Certain types of films have a lot of slang and bad words. Be careful about who you imitate. Is [...]

The American Accent Videos Are Here!

June 25th, 2009|

The videos are available for purchase finally. Go to and click on the DVD's link.The video course is called: "The American Accent Course - 50 Rules You Must Know"There are 4 different videos: 1. Vowels2. Consonants3. Rhythm Stress and Intonation4. Advanced SectionIn total, there is more than 4 hours of instruction - all the rules you need to know to speak English with an American accent!Of course, all four topics are important elements of learning pronunciation/accent reduction. However, I would say that learning the [...]