Some books I recommend for advanced speakers of English

My accent reduction students usually have an advanced knowledge of English, but they still occassionally make mistakes with English grammar or vocabulary usage. Here are some books that I recommend that they purchase to perfect their skills. I have also included the links to Amazon.com where you can purchase the books. I have used these [...]

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More advice for reducing your accent

1. Slow down your speech. Actually, you can speak as quickly as you wish, as long as you are pronouncing every sound of every word and you are following the rules of good stress and melody. You will notice that newscasters often speak quickly but clearly. If you cannot do that, you need to practice. [...]

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American Accent Course for Japanese Speakers

The new DVD course is available. It helps Japanese speakers of English speak more clearly and learn to fix all of the most common pronunciation mistakes. Learn to correctly pronounce the difficult American consonant sounds. Fix the most common mistakes. Purchase the videos here:http://accurateenglish.com/dvds_for_japanes_speakers.htm

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Good Online Dictionary for Pronuncation

I recommend this dictionary for looking up the pronunciation of words: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/. I like the fact that it has two different accent options - one American Accent and one British. The vowels and consonants are mostly pretty authentic to an American Accent. Many other online English dictionaries are confusing in this regard.Also, if you have [...]

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Don’t Give Up!

How is this about accent reduction? Well, I believe that any time we have a goal, sometimes we will feel like giving up. I try to encourage all of my students to keep trying, to follow their dreams. It brings me much joy to see them succeed. Some are Hollywood actors trying to get a [...]

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Most Common English Words

Below is a link to a list of the 100 most common English words. These 100 words make up about one half of all written material. Learn to pronounce them perfectly and your accent will sound much better!!Here are some from the list that are very commonly mispronounced by non-native speakers:1. the2. of 3. were4. [...]

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pronunciation of the article “a”

Many accent students are confused about the correct pronunciation of the article "a." Why do some people say /ei/? You can pronounce it both ways, either as /ɘ/ or as /ei/. It just depends on how quickly you are speaking and whether you pause before the "a." /ei/ is usually used in slower speech and [...]

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