Accent Reduction Practice with Singing

/Accent Reduction Practice with Singing

Accent Reduction Practice with Singing

Paolo asks:

Is singing songs a good way to improve my pronunciaton or not? I’m just asking because sometimes rappers or singers tend to pronounce words with a different “cadence” just to make them rhyme with one another, what do you think?

Yes, singing is a great for improving your accent. Just be careful not to pick up the bad grammar and the over-use of slang is many songs, especially rap. I remember the Rolling Stones song “Satisfaction.” They sing, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” That’s a double negative. Some of my students end up talking that way.

I have reminded you in the past, but it’s worth repeating: BE CAREFUL ABOUT WHO YOUR ROLE MODELS OF SPEECH ARE!!” Obama… yes, Rock ‘n’ roll and rap… NO!

Good question Paolo.

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