Accent reduction – difficult American vowel sounds

/Accent reduction – difficult American vowel sounds

Accent reduction – difficult American vowel sounds

One of the most difficult things about learning to speak with an American accent is knowing how to correctly pronounce different vowel sounds that may sound similar to you.
Here are some very common mistakes that my accent reduction students make:

Do you know the difference between? :

  1. feet and fit
  2. law and low
  3. full and fool
  4. beat and bit
  5. Doug and dog
  6. sheet and shit  (that’s an embarrassing mistake!)
  7. cup and cap and cop

Which vowel sounds are difficult for you?  Are there some words that you are embarrassed to say because you think you are saying them incorrectly?

If so, you can get help from a good online dictionary that has an audio component. You can ask your native speaker friends to help you pronounce those words and record their pronunciation to listen and practice later.  Also,  you can get my video on vowel sounds which will teach you the correct pronunciation and mouth movement of all of the 15 vowel sounds of American English.

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