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Accent Reduction Classes in Los Angeles

How does it work?

For private individuals, we offer one-on-one lessons in our office. We are open six days a week, including most evenings. If you live in the Los Angeles area, we recommend that you come once a week for one hour. (If you are planning to visit Los Angeles for a week or two, we offer intensive classes)

Most of the classes that are held in our office are one-on-one (private), so you can make your own schedule. (We also offer lessons through Skype.)

What happens during the lessons?

At the beginning of your first private session, you will have a speech analysis.The instructor will then immediately start teaching you how to correct your biggest errors. She will make sure that you can produce the new sounds correctly. You are welcome to record the lesson so that you can listen and review at home. You will be given lots of homework exercises so that you can continue to practice these new sounds until they become a natural part of your speech.

Some of these errors are likely to include:

  • incorrect vowel and consonant pronunciation
  • improper intonation and rhythm
  • syllable stress errors
  • intonation and pitch
  • skipping consonants
  • “choppy” or “mechanical” sounding speech – not connecting words like native speakers do
  • stressing the wrong words
  • speaking in a monotone voice (this is often related to incorrect word stress)
  • sentence construction and word order
  • voice clarity – mumbling or low voice

How long does it take?

Because the teaching method is so intensive, most students need a lot fewer hours than they expected to have.The length of the course varies from client to client and depends on the following factors:
Individual Needs:
Your language of origin and the thickness of your accent can determine the number of lessons needed. Some people just want to speak more clearly and be understood, while others want to sound as American as possible.
Time Investment
If you practice a lot outside of class, you will achieve your goals more quickly.
Highly motivated students make progress more quickly and need fewer lessons.

Which American Accent Will I Learn?

We will teach you to produce the standard American accent. Some people also call it “broadcaster English.” It’s the kind of standard, neutral speech that you hear on CNN and in educated circles generally. It’s a non-regional American version of English. This means that people will not associate your accent with any specific area of the US. It is the accent most commonly associated with educated people in the American East, Midwest, and West.

Accent Reduction Classes By Skype

Lisa Mojsin would be your instructor. She is the author of the book, “Mastering the American Accent” and the DVD course “American Accent Course – 50 Rules You Must Know.” You can see some of her teaching on YouTube by going to:

Training is usually one hour per week. It’s a very intensive hour, so we will cover a lot of your speech errors during each session. We start with your biggest mistakes first so that you can have a better accent as quickly as possible. You are given a lot of homework and you will learn various techniques for daily practice.

Because the teaching method is so intensive, most students need a lot fewer hours than they expected to have.

The number of lessons you will need depends on how much you practice between the sessions and what your final speech goals are. Some people just want to speak more clearly and be understood, while others want to sound as American as possible. Some people take just a few lessons while others continue on a more long-term basis.

You don’t have to pay for multiple sessions in advance. You pay for each lesson individually through PayPal with a credit card.

It is recommended that you buy the book “Mastering the American Accent” before the first session since it will be used during the lesson, along with other materials that the instructor gives you.

Corporate Training

Why does my company need this training?

Despite having studied English for years, many foreign-born professionals have problems communicating effectively due to poor pronunciation of American English.
A recent study shows that a typical non-native English speaker with a strong foreign accent loses about 25 percent of his time and effectiveness because of faulty speech.
Faulty speech results in misunderstandings among clients and co-workers, time-consuming repetitions and mistaken messages. Companies can save thousands of dollars yearly by eliminating the effects of poor communication.
Our courses will help your employees speak more confidently and clearly.


Benefits of Accent Reduction Training:

  • Facilitates interpersonal interactions
  • Increases employee productivity and prevents time-consuming and potentially costly misunderstandings at the workplace
  • Reduces client frustrations due to communication gaps
  • Increases confidence of the speaker
  • Greater likelihood for professional advancement
  • Expands business negotiations and opportunities

Course Content:

  • Problem vowels and consonants for non-native speakers
  • Intonation patterns, pitch and melody
  • Word stress and rhythm
  • Correct workplace speech
  • Voice and articulation
  • Linking for smoother, native-like speech flow
  • Cross-cultural factors which affect communication
  • Grammar, sentence structure review
  • Presentation skills, if needed
  • Tips and techniques for continued self -correction

Training Options:

bulletOne-on-one, small-group, or large-group accent reduction training at your offices or ours.
bulletOff-shore call center training
bulletFor companies outside of Southern California: Intensive, two-day workshops on-site, plus telephone follow-up sessions.
bulletCustom-designed training materials
bullet(CD’s, training manuals) to help your employees master specific, work-related speech.

For information on cost, please call us at:
(310) 568-0077